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Spinnerei Traun

[“Spinnerei” is a German word that means spinning mill but also something like toying around with ideas / intellectual pastime / pipe dream. Thus it refers here to an open space for creative, artistic and social events.]


Aside the castle and the newly water-flooded moat, in a generous parkway is the newly built “Spinnerei Traun”. The buildings position on the site preserves the view of the listed castle and the mansion completely. The new building is a plain, distinct cube with surrounding trelliswork. Glazed surfaces communicate social events to the public space. The modern architectural language expresses adequately the cultural use.


It all began twenty years ago in the former weaving and spinning mill. In the industrial ambiance with the red pillars and the special event program the “Spinnerei Traun” developed into a cultural center with cult status. A move was necessary and the city decided to build a new edifice right next to the castle. Already in the competition's contest, attention is being paid to the recognizability of the individuality and character of the old venue. This spirit was to be taken to the new event center. TEAM M architects won the competition in 2015 and are responsible for architectural planning.


Already through the reduced form and the proportions of the volume, the desired association of Industrial Hall is resonating. The intelligible volume brings peace and makes the listed castle and the new building stand side by side in equal value.

In the form of the trelliswork lie the origins of the event center “Spinnerei”. On the one hand it relies on the renting in the premises of the former spinningmill and textile factory. On the other hand it relies on the other German terminology, which refers to creating an open space for creative, artistic and social events. Since imaginative thinking has to keep up with the times and will always take on new forms, the molding of the facade developed away from a classical right-angled woven fabric towards a free, more irregular structure.


The main facade heads for the city center and welcomes the audience with an inviting funnel-shaped opening. The new building is also orientated and opened to the castle, with which it interacts in terms of content. Spacious glass façades in the foyer, café and event hall bring the exterior with the castle, water and greenery inside. The rooms, which are not everyday height, offer a generous, exciting space experience. The architecture thus offers a modern ambiance for art, culture and encounter and will thus contribute to a thriving cultural center that attracts both a loyal and new audience.


For a venue to be perfectly playable, it needs good solutions for stage, technology, backstage rooms and delivery. Optimum room acoustics with a homogeneous sound field was taken into consideration. An acoustic buffer zone was created with the supply areas towards the residential buildings. This and the location of the main entrance provide good preconditions for compatibility with the neighborhood.



Prudent, thoroughly planning form the important foundation of a later successful construction. But for the realization of the new “Spinnerei Traun” within the tight schedule and financial scope, it needed competent and dedicated companies. TEAM M Architects would like to thank all the executing companies and their employees for the excellent performance and their extraordinary commitment to the project!


In order to realize such a work, it is first and foremost a visionary client, who enthusiasts for the architect's ideas. TEAM M Architects would like to thank the city of Traun and the operator KULTUR.PARK.TRAUN for their trust and cooperation. Last but not least we would like to thank the loyal “Spinnerei” audience - it was fun to plan for you!


Program, tickets and more on KULTUR.PARK.TRAUN.

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