wellness and art

SPA Hotel Bründl

The building is designed in a contour line and, positioned on a sloping hill, it newly defines the piece of land on which it is built. A design which attempts to absorb the pre-defined parameters of the environment and which would appear to “reinforce” the natural surroundings.
To pool „ energy“, the building itself has been conceived as a three-dimensional contour line. The building is not erected as a straight structure but rather folded in on itself and twisted out of the axis of its own three-dimensional nature (development of height).
A three-storey hall as a connecting link between the two structures which, however, simultaneously has the quality of serving as a multifunctional room and a tool which opens up into the restaurant, bar, therapy zone, rooms and spa.


88 rooms have been designed which take the points of the compass and noise zones into account. They offer perfect comfort. The view from the hotel is a particular asset and has been accomplished as a result of setting up the beds so that they face the windows. Five senses – five colours. The colours of the „Bründl logo“ are mirrored in the colours of the rooms. The colour concept and the idea of a contour line continue in the swimming, wellness and sauna area as a separate element from the generous relaxation rooms. The loungers from Andreas Thaler are a particular eye-catcher since they have been made in the colours of the elements.


Art is perceptible in the hotel. With the Pehböck Gallery, ISA STEIN has built a „networking plan“ of the rooms. Work from artists such as Franz Blaas, Lorenz Estermann, Karl Mostböck, May Holzapfel, Anatol Ak, Robert Mittringer, Wolfgang Zöhrer, Regine Hadraba, Gerhard Müller, Gertraude Steinlechner, Wolfgang Stifter and Georg Stifter can be found in three wings. In the fourth wing quotations from these artists adorn the walls. Imaginary lines are created between the thoughts and the work of the artists which are written down in 28 rooms. The hall gives a new interpretation to the idea of lines. Thomas-M Mayrhofer (ART_HOF) develops the theme of the hotel with his “people “in motion”. The lines of the people are not always congruent; the “time” factor offers support with the lines, helping them to be “sighted”. The sculpture on the ceiling of the hall is a new idea of man via different kinds of perspectives. The design of the exterior further reflects the art concept; a rolling path, accompanied by musical and sensual structures. A hotel for the senses!

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Project Data
CLIENT: Hypo-Impuls-Immobilien GmbH
LOCATION: Bad Leonfelden