Provincial Hospital Steyr / Competition 1st Prize

Psychiatry LKH Steyr

Moving from one’s own home to a hospital can be a critical event in a person’s life, being linked as it is to a sense of being insecure, helpless and uprooted. A sensitive design of space and color should contribute to the patients feeling secure, safe and at home.


The material brick create a cozy atmosphere and a harmonious ambiance (acoustics, regulation of air humidity)....) They become an integral part of the project design since the hospital can only offer refuge and be a place for recovery when building material, ground plan, exterior space and surroundings merge to form one consistent structure.

The building for psychiatry and neurology is divided into three blocks facing north/south with open halls in between – the therapy gardens. One of our main concerns was to lend the latter (which are interior space) the quality of outside space. In a closed ward such as the psychiatric one this is an aspect that is experienced as positive from a medical and therapeutic perspective. This was achieved, on the one hand, by the consistent continuation of the outer membrane on the inside and on the other, by the control of the ambient climate which allows the resident patients to experience the changes in season.


Mass and body of the building find a better understanding with the material brick – the building gets an anchor and warm place of relaxation. Brick as a material is very resistant, but still open-porous, which transports an integrative aspect for the patient. It is reminiscent to the use of a traditional, well known material, which influences our way of living. Therefore the patient is not irritated by a cool repellent material. In our concept we tried to create a new space, which enlightens the user, without distraction.


In the upper floor the psychiatric stations I and II are situated, with all necessary functional rooms, as well as the important crisis center. Both stations do have synergistic means, which are placed in the middle area of the building. The brick use for the facade is especially dominant in the first floor, where it is present in the day-hospital for psychiatry, as well as the occupational therapy, rooms for the patient’s attorney, and social service. Also important is a café for patients and multi-functional areas, which are easy to reach.

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CLIENT: LKV Errichtungs- u. Vermietungs GmbH
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