Creche Linz K.

With the new building of the crèche Keferfeld-Oed, Linz made another step in the development of service for the youngest inhabitants of Linz. For 30 children arose a new crèche with three group rooms. In the design phase, both single-storey and a two-storey were investigated. Because of the possibility of further expansion of the facility and of the generous garden area, the actual concept was realized.

The new building generates a harmonic oneness with the “Volkshaus”, which was also built by Team M. At the entrance area the structure appears as one-storied, because of the roof deck. In a southward direction arise the second storey and the new building attaches directly to the “Volkshaus”. The group rooms come into action as a cube. The private rooms are set back between and divide the font.

The ground floor has two group rooms with 39m2 and two rest rooms with 17 m2. Another Group room and private room, as well as a gymnasium with 44m2 are at the second-storey. This room easily opens to the corridor, so that the whole space is at the children’s disposal. Each group has there own terrace. The group rooms at the ground-floor have a direct access to the garden.

Next to the entrance are the administration rooms and an exit to the garden. The access with the internal development zone with a generous glazing to the west, allows insights and views for parents and children and a connection with the public space. The necessary distance is created by the plants and the sidewalk.

At the whole area we paid attention to create transparency and openness. The combination of glass and wood claddings convinces with its light and friendly atmosphere. Gypsum wallboards with partly boring reduce the noisy level. The coordinated colours contribute to the well-being of the staff and children.

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