auditory and music scool

cultural center MELODIUM

The existing landmarked castle in the middle of Peuerbach hosts a peasants war museum, a post office, as well as the district court and with the additional building and the modification of the rooms, an auditory and a music school was extended.


The U-shaped building was closed at the open fourth side with an additional lock, and the resulting courtyard is covered with a steel-glass-construction, so that the flexibility of events does not depend on the weather.


The building of class rooms in the landmarked part of the castle, as well as the partial reshaping of the museum and the district court, took place during business as usual and of course in particular consideration of the historical fabric of the building. The choice of the materials was naturally also affected by the old building and was taken with sensitivity.


Simultaneously to the work of renovation, a master plan for the HVACR was created, which include a heating and cooling by geothermal energy pump. Through the intelligent arrangement of the new parts of a structure and in connection with the energy concept there was achieved a good protection against the overheating in summer, despite a generous glazing cladding.

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