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Meeting Zone Exalted

A worldwide operating company appointed Team M Architects to redesign the meeting rooms and reception areas at their location in Linz. It was decided to core an entire floor of the office building and set up excellently equipped conference rooms with optimal infrastructural conditions. Instead of the previously individual meeting rooms on each floor there is by now a wide range of various meeting rooms on one level.

Tinted glass and wooden slats create the captivating atmosphere. Sound insulation and transparency fullfill the needs of confidentiality by simultaneously illuminating the aisle through the south-facing rooms. In addition to the eight meeting rooms of varying sizes and facilities, there are the representative  reception area, a preparation kitchen and new sanitary facilities. The extravagant signs on the wall and the furnishing with design classics complete the charming overall appearance.


Subsequently, the reception areas in the upper floors were also converted and renewed. The design persues the formation on the ground floor so that the reception desks and the furniture become recognisable elements. The cyan blue of the back-lit glass consoles is taken from the company logo. The entire color and material concept refers to the company's Corporate Identity and underscores its culture and values.

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