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Corporate Architecture
The FMT Group is a leading and experienced European service provider for the installation and servicing of industrial plant, offering a comprehensive scope of services. Their work is marked by quality, reliability and a high degree of safety at work. The result is efficient and reliable project delivery which the customers have counted on for almost 30 years.

By order of our clients, FMT Industrieholding GmbH and Ferro-Montagetechnik GmBH, we have built a head office on the state road between Wels and Marchtrenk. The site extends over an area of 40.000 square meters and contains now office building, workshops, assembly halls and area for the manipulation of containers for world-wide industrial assemblies.

Being ascertainable by driving by is one of the major information medium of a company. Therefore it is crucial that the architecture reflects the vision and the accuracy of the company.  


Form follows function
The solution realized now provides a 200 meters long lifeline, connecting the offices with all the operational areas. This structure running along the road is co instantaneously spine and centre line of coverage of the whole complex. Additionally it separates the premises from the state road and therefore works as an effective soundproof wall for the company as well as for the dwelling zone behind it.  

The buildings develop parallel to the road.  Facilitation of operational actions and easy access for lorries was of particular importance.

Using white, grey and reflective horizontal siding panels result in a shimmery effect of the office ashlar right at the most significant part of the site. The cuboid sits on an architrave block plastered in blue leading to the silver production halls covered by sheet metal plates.  


Foresighted Planning  
To put companies in the position to be responsive to permanent changes and different demands, expanding possibilities are crucial. Foresighted planning allows us extending the halls and the offices, even building an additional hall as well as covering the atria.

This gives us the possibility to enlarge the premises by up to hundred percent. To guarantee this option at anytime structural analysis and building services engineering are already considered at this point.

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