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Spar Gunskirchen

The almost 6,000 inhabitants of Gunskirchen in Upper Austria received a new supermarket on the edge of the town center. An existing building at the site was canceled and replaced by a new and modern SPAR supermarket with a sales area of 612 m² and side surfaces of 310 m².


The exact positioning of the building on the plot, the redesign of the parking space and the placement of delivery were strongly influenced by the immediate environment. The ascertainability of the market from the main street is one of the most important means of information and determined the orientation of the main view - with a glass facade, porch and entrance. While approaching the market presents itself as an open, welcoming establishment. The architecture communicates the values and the creative power of the company.


The charm of the supermarket is the dynamic structure and the façade skin, made of smooth and grooved fiber cement panels. Due to the different orientation of the grooves the appearance of the building changes during the day.

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Mr. Christof Pohn, MBA – Head Business Unit Fassade ETERNIT

The product design L810 ivory has been specially developed for this market. 460 m² (net) were specially made and provided with milled grooves as desired by the architect. What I particularly like is the fact that the product is uncoated and that you can see the beautiful layer structure of the fiber cement. By the arrangement of the grooving in different directions arise great light and shadow effects on the facade.

The triangles and diamonds were cut in our house in coordination with the processors Wiesinger Bau. Due to the tight time schedule by SPAR there was a challenging short assembly time. The mounting positions of the triangles have been optimized in order to barter for unnecessary construction delays. All 260 pre-cut boards have fitted perfectly!

Eternit Design L810 Elfenbein Spar Gunskirchen
Mr. Josef Kaiser – Project Manager WIESINGER BAU

For us as executive company it was particularly challenging to integrate the many individual boards accurately. As the diamond and triangle system enwrap the whole building, a slight deviation on one point would have had uncontrollable consequences on all four sides. Close coordination and ongoing communication with Eternit was essential and led to a successful implementation.

Eine enge Abstimmung und laufende Kommunikation mit Eternit und mit Team M als Planer war unerlässlich und hat letztlich zu einer erfolgreichen Umsetzung geführt. Mit dem Endergebnis sind wir äußerst zufrieden und wir sehen das Projekt daher für unser Unternehmen und unsere Kompetenz im Fassadenbau als besonders aussagekräftige Referenz an.


Spar Gunskirchen Fassade Wiesinger Bau Hr. Kaiser
Mr. Arch. Rudolf Dolejs - Project Manager TEAM M

It was fun! The development of the facade was a very fruitful process with SPAR. The client invited us to avoid a conventional, smooth shell, but to design a facade that is different; one that is in motion, with a roving textured surface. So they encouraged us and we really got into it. A design such as this is a process, which affords trial and the development of several versions.

Straight from the beginning Eternit made an effort to make this product possible. Thus, for this project, a new product has been developed with exactly my desired grooving and a product that, of course, had to comply with all other given requirements (fire protection, registration in Austria, rapid delivery). Eternit and WiesingerBau were good partners for implementation!

Arch. Rudolf Dolejs Projektleiter TEAM M
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